Financial Control not simply Bookkeeping in Newcastle

Newcastle’s very own, Bling Bling Bookkeeping has developed a financial control service for specially developed for retail business owners is the most comprehensive “in-business” financial solution for your industry. The key difference between our financial control service and a standard bookkeeper is that bookkeeping is only one part of our total solution. Our financial control solution includes comprehensive financial reporting and business and strategic planning. With Bling Bling Bookkeeping on your team it is just like having a qualified financial controller on staff to help you get the most out of your business.

At all times our clients know how their business is performing as we maintain a consistent regime of keeping their accounts up to date, monthly reporting and business planning. The real value add for our clients is that we “get right into” the business and understand what the business is all about and how we can make our contribution.

In addition to the standard accounts and payroll functions we provide our clients with detailed analytical support, product/service choice decisions, cash flow management and inventory control. We believe that good financial control goes well beyond entering invoices into an accounting system. Financial control makes sure that those invoices are entered in the right place to start with, and then interpreting that information, assessing and applying it to the business.

Bling Bling Bookkeeping has redefined what business owners should expect from their bookkeeper. Our Financial Control service is focused on working in the business with our clients, we are on hand at all times which takes the pressure off as they know they can call us at any time. Business people should not just settle for a bookkeeper they should demand Financial Control.

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